Saturday, February 26, 2011

Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Yo hoho 
Just had bakso for breakfast  But it wasn't the spicy flavour! It's prawn flavour and I couldn't really taste the proclaimed and I didn't like prawns
Probably gonna edit this post later on as it's like in the morning so no happenings  :)
Gonna do my homework after this!
And oh yeah! Yesterday night I read Diary of A Wimpy Kid!


It was funny  I really like the comics cartoons they drew I've bought the four of this book series! This book has it own show on tv. Good show! You should watch ;)

Okay, ending my post here ! Will edit later on!

P/s: Sory ary ni Nurul buang tebiat speaking! hehehehe.. layan aje lorhh!

dibebel oleh,

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